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If you are thinking of renting out your property and have one, or one hundred properties, Rent Sorted can provide the lettings service that is right for you.

The key principle behind Rent Sorted is that we offer a superior, quality service and value that is unrivalled. Our rent collection record is exemplary… feel free to enquire!

With over 10 years residential property letting, management and maintenance experience, the experts at Rent Sorted can help you. Feel free to give us a call for a no obligation quotation tailored to your needs.

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Letting Your Property

With every property, our experts at Rent Sorted will carry out a free, no obligation market appraisal, advising of current rental value and ways (if any) this can be improved on to ensure your property is generating its maximum income in the current market.

If we receive the go ahead from you, Rent Sorted will arrange for an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) to be carried out should your property require one. Please note an EPC is now a legal requirement when renting out your property.

(Please see our "Legal & EPC" section for further details.)

Rent Sorted will extensively photograph, and compile an inventory of your property and market it "To Let" on our new website and PropertyPal.com. We will contact our large database of prospective vetted tenants to quickly create interest and we will directly advertise by placing a high visibility sign at the property within 24 hours. Your property will receive further marketing through social media sites and the local press when required.

Here at Rent Sorted we have an ethos of flexibility when dealing with the needs of our customers, both landlords and tenants. Viewings can be arranged for evenings or weekends ensuring potential tenant requirements are accommodated and no opportunity to showcase your property is missed. All our tenants are fully vetted and referenced by our expert team.

Once we have established a satisfactory tenant we will present our findings to you for approval. For your peace of mind we will have our in-house solicitor draft a watertight, legally binding tenancy ensuring your property and revenue are fully protected via Rent Sorted.

Rent Sorted will collect your property deposit and agreed rent in advance and make transfer of same to you. We then provide key handover to your new tenant(s) and facilitate introductions between you and your tenant.

At this point you can then opt to let us manage your property for you, the benefits of which are clearly outlined below.

Full Lettings Management & Maintenance

With a large existing portfolio of managed properties already on our books, Rent Sorted is confident that we have the necessary skills and drive to make your rental carefree and rewarding.

Residential Lettings is all that we do… so YOU are our priority! As we are a local, mobile service our office does not open at 9.30am and shut at 5.00pm. We are on the road all day, 7 days per week, ensuring we deliver the best service to you.

We understand that problems don't always arise during work hours and thus we are on hand for longer to deal with any issues or emergencies that may arise.

Our response time to our tenants is fantastic, they trust us and we have an excellent rapport with them whereby we understand and stick to our responsibilities and no less is expected of them.

All this is why tenants prefer a Rent Sorted Managed & Maintained property.

As part of our Management and Maintenance division we will facilitate the following:

  • Collect monthly rent on your behalf and make direct transfer to your chosen bank account.
  • Inspect your property every quarter to ensure the property is being maintained to the highest of standards and deal with any issues or concerns.
  • Arrange maintenance, servicing and repairs by our specialist trade contacts

    (obtaining multiple quotes where possible thus ensuring you get the best value.)

  • Produce and forward to you Monthly and Annual account statements
  • At the end of a tenancy we will renew tenancy agreements, conduct rental value reviews and where the tenant is moving on, we will carry out a full inspection of your property and return deposit where appropriate.

    We will advise on any repairs or cleaning required and we will obtain quotes for same for your inspection. If you are satisfied we will oversee these works as part of our service to you.

  • Don't worry!

    In the unlikely event that your tenant leaves in the first 6 months of the initial tenancy, you will not be charged for locating new tenants.

The benefits offered by Rent Sorted Management & Maintenance are clear… Leave the hard work to Rent Sorted and you will not be disappointed, with hassle free property ownership!

Remember… "We'll make light work of managing your property!"

Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements and we will get straight back to you!


Rent Sorted knows that in order to deliver exceptional service to our landlords, we need to look after our tenants.

As part of this commitment we:

  • Try to locate an extensive range of available properties to let via Rent Sorted. If we don't have it… we will endeavour to locate it for you! All our properties are let legally - giving you, the tenant, the peace of mind that your home is totally safe and compliant with current property legislation.
  • All tenant deposits are retained by Rent Sorted in a separate client account ensuring your deposit is protected and will only be used in accordance with your tenancy agreement.
  • We will accompany you on all property viewings.
  • Copies of tenancy agreements will be provided to you in all cases.
  • Utilities such as gas or oil boilers will be serviced in accordance with legislation.
  • Properties can be viewed outside normal working hours so no need to affect your work schedule when viewing with Rent Sorted.
  • Proper notice will be given to enter your property for inspection or maintenance.
  • Rent Sorted offers friendly, expert staff from the locality who can advise on properties and locations which may suit you.
  • Tenants prefer Rent Sorted Managed and Maintained properties as our after care service is second to none. If you have an issue with your property just call or e-mail. We are nearby, always contactable and will quickly sort any issue for you. Emergency work can be carried out during unsociable hours giving you added peace of mind.

Get ahead of the pack!

Complete our Rent Sorted tenant application form today and you will be the first to hear of new properties to let as and when they become available!

Tenant Application Form (258KB)


Certain legal instruments can be invaluable when seeking to protect your property investments and improve your tax liability. Some examples of these documents are:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Company creation (Ltd)

If required, Rent Sorted can direct you to our trusted partners who can advise and tailor a solution to fit your individual needs and requirements. Our contacts are some of the finest in their chosen professions with excellent track records so you can rest assured of first class treatment and results.

To discuss further please contact us using the details below:


The Facts

The European Directive (EPBD) states that all buildings are required to have an EPC before they are marketed for rent.

In N. Ireland the certificate was phased in for residential lettings on 31st December 2008.

Energy Performance Certificates tell you how energy efficient a home is on a scale of A - G with an A rating being very efficient, resulting in lower fuel bills. It also contains suggestions for improvement. The environmental impact rating is a measure of a home's impact on the environment in terms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The higher the rating the less impact it has on the environment.

The EPC is compulsory and should be shown, on request, to any prospective tenant.

An inspection survey is required to record the data required for the Government approved Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) software.

There are a range of elements inspected and details recorded, including age, type and size of property, insulation levels, heating systems, glazing type etc.

The responsibility for providing an EPC lies with the owner of the property.

Failure to produce an EPC can result in a fine of up to £200 for each and every breach of the legislation.

Our Role

Rent Sorted has an in-house Government Approved Domestic Energy Assessor. We will provide you with a competitive rate to carry this out on your behalf. We ensure the rental of your property is not held up in any way by creating the report within a day of receiving instructions to let your property.

To arrange an EPC survey, or to discuss same, please contact us using the details below:


At Rent Sorted we know the importance of good quality, reliable residential lettings insurance for your property. It can mean the difference between a claim being settled, resulting in no detriment to you and you the owner being left in the lurch.

  • Malicious damage cover?
  • Accidental damage?
  • Trace and Access?
  • Rent guarantee?

The above are just a few examples of covers which you may or may not have on your residential lettings insurance policy. Our trusted contacts can review your existing documents to ensure you are fully protected. If you would like us to make this introduction for you then please contact us using the details below:

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme was introduced in N. Ireland on 1st April 2013 through legislation, namely The Tenancy Deposit Schemes Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012. The legislation requires all landlords to protect tenancy deposits received after this date via an approved tenancy deposit scheme.

There are two types of scheme:

  • The custodial scheme - whereby the landlord or their agent transfers the deposit to the approved scheme provider where it is held for the duration of the tenancy until repaid in accordance with the regulations. There is no charge to use this scheme.
  • The insurance scheme - whereby the landlord or their agent retains the deposit in a designated bank account but insures it with an approved scheme provider so as to guarantee that the tenant will receive the deposit to which they are entitled when the tenancy ends. A fee is payable by the landlord to the approved deposit scheme provider to protect each individual deposit.

What does this mean for landlords?

Any tenancy deposit accepted by a landlord must be registered with an approved scheme. Where a landlord safeguards a tenancy deposit then the landlord must:

  • Register the deposit with an approved scheme within 14 days of receipt of the deposit;


  • Serve prescribed information on the tenant and any relevant person of which scheme their deposit is being secured via, within 28 days of receipt of the deposit.

What if a landlord does not comply with the Regulations?

Should a landlord fail to protect deposits and/or provide information in accordance with the Regulations then this is a breach of the regulations and a landlord can be subject to a fine of up to £20,000 or a fixed penalty imposed by the district council of 3 times the deposit.

Advice for reducing the risk of disputes upon the return of a deposit:

To reduce the risk of disputes it is recommended that landlords carry out a written & photographic check in and check out, that is then agreed with the tenant. At the end of a tenancy both parties agree on the amount due to each and then advise the scheme that the tenancy has been concluded with no disputes. If agreement cannot be reached, the issue will be submitted for adjudication and be based on evidence within the inventory.

Use of the dispute resolution service is free however the adjudicator cannot make any awards on costs, including costs incurred by a solicitor or other representative acting on behalf of a party to the dispute.

The Solution?

As disputes are based on evidence, a detailed, photographic inventory signed by your tenants will be required. In addition we recommend regular inspections.

Rent Sorted will manage the protection of tenant deposits and ensure deposits are registered with the scheme within a timely manner. Rent Sorted will create a suitable inventory and ensure that all legislation relating to your property is complied with fully. Rent Sorted will be using an insurance scheme provided by TDS NI.